Effective Garbage Disposal Repair and Installation Service in Fremont, CA

Are you having problems with your garbage disposal? Before you dust off the toolbox and devote an entire day repairing the problem, you may want to consider calling My Fremont Plumber Hero for professional garbage disposal repair or replacement. This appliance may seem relatively simple to fix, but as with any plumbing appliance it can be complicated. When you call for professional plumbing service, you get peace of mind that your appliance will be repaired correctly the first time. We guarantee this!

Simple, DIY Garbage Disposal Repairs

We know our customers like to save money. So, before you call for repairs, let us share a few repair secrets.

Reset Button
Is your garbage disposal not turning on? Did it suddenly stop in the middle of grinding food waste? Silence can be scary when it comes to garbage disposals, but don’t panic just yet. Nine times out of 10 when this happens, the problem is that the disposal turned itself off to protect its motor. To test if this is the problem, look under your kitchen sink. This is where you’ll find the disposal’s motor. On the back or underneath the motor you’ll find a red or black button. This is the reset button. Go ahead and press it. Now try to turn the disposal on again. Did it turn on? If so, and it continues to work fine, the problem is most likely solved.

Jammed Blades
Another common problem with disposals is that the blades may get jammed from time to time. If you put too much food in the disposal, the blades may be able to grind everything up and leftover food particles can be left behind. Sometimes non-biodegradable items like cup lids, bread wrappers, and other kitchen trash may accidentally fall into the disposal and get caught in the blades. If you know what is stuck in the blades, try removing the object with a wooden spoon or a pair of pliers.

Time to Call for Garbage Disposal Repair

If your garbage disposal won’t turn on after attempting these DIY repairs, pick up the phone and call for professional plumbing service in Fremont, CA. We offer rock-bottom prices for garbage disposal repair, drain cleaning, and even garbage disposal replacement and installation if you need a new unit.

Schedule an appointment with one of our expertly trained plumbers today, put away your toolbox, and take back your free time.